NanoGtech™ extends the battery life by keeping your device cool. When a battery gets warm it consumes more energy



NanoGtech™ is a patented material made from graphene that, among other things, effectively dissipates heat and cools your electronic device which can help extended the battery life of a smartphone by up to 20%.



it is a well known fact that heat dissipation in electronics is a major obstacle to further technological development. it limits power, performance and reliability. the escalation of power densities in electronic devices has made efficient heat removal a crucial issue for progress in energy storage.




NanoGtech™ is applied as a film to the back of a smartphone or on the inside of a case. As the NanoGtech™ material stays in contact with the back of the device, it effectively dissipates heat from the smartphone. The temperature is reduced and tests show that a device with NanoGtech™ can last up top 20% longer than a device without NanoGtech™



Graphene has demonstrated extremely high intrinsic thermal conductivity, within the range of 2000 W/mK to 5000 W/mK which is many times higher than aluminum and copper.




The unique features of NanoGtech™ can be applied in several industries and our main focus initially is with mobile devices. A common experience among smartphone users is that the device becomes hot. Social media, GPS, movies, apps and games are all tough on the device and the battery cell, even more so when they are in use at the same time. The increase of data transfer, processing and multi-tasking along with faster networks (4G/5G) pushes the device and the built-in battery cell to work on “over-drive” which generates excess heat. A hot battery cell drains much quicker.




Repeated tests have been carried out with NanoGtech™ applied on the back of a smartphone while playing a movie to measure heat and its toll on the battery life. On average, the device with NanoGtech™ would play the movie 40 min or approximately 20% longer than the device without NanoGtech™.


Repeated tests were performed in our in-house ´test department, by a government funded Research Institution and also externally verified by SGS.